About Us

Services, Projects, Repairs, Civil and Industrial Supplies, Distributor of Machining Inserts, Design and Manufacture of MetalWorking Parts in Series.


Spreci Desing, C.A. It was legally constituted on August 27, 1996 in the Third Mercantile Registry of the Circumscription of the Anzoátegui State. Barcelona, ​​Venezuela

Business Name: Spreci Desing, C. A.

Rif: J-30385040-5

Legal Representative: Engineer FRANCISCO DE SANTIS CARINGELLA

With more than 20 years of experience serving the International Market, mainly to the Latin American Market supplying Machinery, Equipment and Engineering for Industrial, Oil, Construction, Environmental and Soil Sanitation and Supplies, Materials, Raw Materials and Related Products plants.

We are characterized for being a company that provides the best services in terms of purchase, sale and marketing of industrial products, including cutting tools such as: hard metal inserts for roughing, finishing, threading, grooving, tronzadas, ceramics etc. especially the brand (KORLOY), since we are legally authorized as representatives of said brand in Venezuela and to the Provision of Services in general in the oil, petrochemical, naval, aeronautics, coal, mining, metallurgical, agricultural, metal-mechanical, automotive, textile areas , Engineering and financial


Products and Service

Purchase, sale, transportation, storage, supply, refining, processing, import, export, manufacturing of all types and forms of machinery, equipment, tools, metal and non-metallic products, perishable and non-perishable inputs, related to the industry petroleum, metal-mechanic, electromechanical, civil construction, and agroindustrial industries, execution of all types of civil works, fences, gates, conventional constructions, prefabricated buildings, temporary installations, concrete infrastructure, pavement bases, foundations and steps, foundations piles, foundation slabs, pedestals, special walls, and related works, provision of services, representations, consulting and services in general in the oil, petrochemical, coal, mining, metallurgical, agricultural, metal-mechanical, automotive, financial, electrical, advice on automatic equipment os, software development, maintenance services in oil wells, advice in the area of ​​transportation business, metalworking, facilities, civil construction, development of projects in general. Petroleum industry equipment, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive industry, road works, services related to oil and gas extraction, machinery rental services, equipment and tools for oil industry, civil construction, mining and agriculture, purchase sale of movable and immovable property, promotions, representations management in the administrative, mercantile, tributary, port, customs area and in general all the businesses related to the aforementioned that are of legal commerce in the country

Equipos y Maquinarias

  • Five (5) Volteo Trucks.
  • One (1) Payloader
  • One (1) Mitsubishi Canter Arm Pigman 5 TON.
  • Two (2) Concrete Mixer Pots.
  • One (1) 350 Ford Truck.
  • Four (4) Transportation Vehicles.
  • Two (2) Trailer (1 office), (1 warehouse).
  • Two (2) Retro-Excavators Brand TEREK 2007.
  • Numerical Control Lathe (CNC) for the Manufacture of Parts.
  • Conventional lathe.
  • All the Tools required for Masonry, Plumbing, Carpentry and Welding.
  • All the Tools Required for the weeding and conditioning of green areas (weeders, mowers, motor saws, fumigators and other hand tools for weed control.