L6 PDI Manual Piston Pump. Part Number: 42657 SER SX, Bijur Lubricanting Corp

 L6 PDI Manual Piston Pump. Part Number: 42657 SER SX, Bijur Lubricanting Corp


The L6H series hand operated Piston Pumps are used in single line systems. The most common applications are single line systems with volumetric injectors (PDI) and single line systems with dosers (SLR).


By operating the lever manually only once, the circuit is filled with a maximum flow rate of 6 cm³. PDI: Actuating the lever increases the pressure up to a maximum of 20 bar. Each volumetric injector drives a fixed amount of lubricant toward the lubrication point. When the lever returns to its rest position, there is a depressurising of the circuit. The injector pistons retract to prepare for the next lubrication cycle. SLR: By actuating the lever the pressure increases in the main line of the lubrication circuit and the supplied lubricant is distributed through the dispensers. The amount of lubricant per lubrication point is determined by the total volume delivered by the pump and the relative strength of the dispensers.

Output volume

Max. 6 cm3

Work pressure :

Max. 20 bar

Deposit capacity:

0.6 liters

Work temperature

  80ºC Max.

Recommended Lubricants:

Mineral oils, viscosity from 30 to 3000 cst a tª of work


2 x, either M 10x1 or M 8x1

Operating Instructions

Start-up: Fill the tank with clean quality oil and operate the lever until the oil comes out at the end of the main line free of air bubbles. Then close the main line and purge the secondary line in the same way. PDI: wait at least 30 seconds between each lever operation. This time is necessary to fill the dosing chamber of the volumetric injectors.


Oil: Only use mineral oil for clean pumps. It must comply with the manufacturer's recommendations for quality and viscosity and be compatible with the pump. The properties of the oil must allow to be introduced through a filter of 40 microns without any alteration of the components.


Maintenance: The pump should be used as often as defined by the machine manufacturer. Frequently check the lubricant level of the tank and refill with clean oil when necessary. Check the pipes occasionally to ensure their correct condition, as well as the condition of the flexible pipes and all connections. A filter located in the suction zone protects the pump from any dirt, and should be replaced annually.


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