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3/8-16 X 6"H3 HSS Extension Pulley Taps

Extension Pulley TapsHigh Speed Steel – Ground ThreadSimilar to pulley taps but with a undercut shank diameter for deeper tapping applications. ..


DWT54454 1/4”-20 Plug

DWT Series-High Speed Hand Taps DWT54454 1/4”-20 Plug ..


DWT54727 1/2”-13 HSS

DWT Series-High Speed Hand Taps DWT54727 1/2”-13 HSS Plug Hand Tap ..



HSS SAPIRAL POINTED TAPSDWT Series-High Speed Metric Gun Taps DWTG6X1 GUN M6X1..


DWTP8X1.25 M8X1.25 HSS Plug Taps

HSS METRIC HAND TAPSDWT Series-Speed Metric Hand Taps DWTP8X1.25 M8X1.25 HSS Plug Taps ..