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Services, Projects Repairs, Civil and Industrial Supplies, Distributor of Machining Inserts, Designs and Manufacture of Metalworking Parts in Series.



Quality and Excellence in Services

We characterize ourselves as a highly qualified human team willing to place their requirements anywhere in the world under the agreed conditions

Based on Our Consolidated Experience in Logistic Risk Management We guarantee:

  1. The Fulfillment of Delivery Times.
  1. Quality and Costs set with our Customers.

Customer Service Policy and After-Sales Service
  • Respond opportunely to the needs of the clients.
  • Offer an excellent service with a wide portfolio of products.
  • Know the needs and expectations of the internal and external customer.
  • With the commitment to be the best operator in Latin America we will make available all our human talent, in a process of continuous improvement.
  • Create spaces in which the opinions of our clients are the precedent for our optimal development.
  • Guarantee the spaces for the reception of requests, complaints, claims and returns from our clients.

Safety, Hygiene and Environment Policy

We are committed to systematically planning, evaluating and controlling all our activities, in order to preserve the physical integrity of our human resources, facilities, customers and the environment, in accordance with current legal regulations and established by our clients in the supply of goods and services. in the execution of works and services

Business values 


Time management and optimizing shipments are a fundamental factor to raise customer satisfaction and achieve success, so in Spreci Desing, C.A we strive to make our staff understand the difficulties we can cause the customer with delays.


Respect for the Environment

Contributing to Environmental Sanitation is tare of each and every one of us. Spreci Desing, C.A is specialized in the provision of services that help Decontaminate Disused Industrial Installations, removing and disposing of all polluting agents in an adequate manner, recovering those environments.

Commitment to Quality

Spreci Design, C.A seeks to develop Management Systems that contribute to the strengthening of the Company and that Compromise to do their operations efficiently and effectively.

Honesty and Trust

Both Values ​​are linked, they are the most valuable characteristics in business. At Spreci Desing, C.A we are determined to earn the trust of our clients based on Honesty.



In Spreci Desing, C.A we achieve Discipline, the product of continuous training in ethical values, training and the strengthening of consciousness.