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Mini IR Thermometer New
EXTECH INSTRUMENTSMini IR Thermometer 1000°F  8:1 RatioITEM 42510Wide Temperature range ..
Metal Cutting Band Saws ITEC M42 1ST New
Bi-Metal Bandsaw BladesTop perforemance nbandsaw blade, particulary wear-resistant, high cutting ac..
Metal Cutting Band Saw Spezial 1ST New
Carbon Steel Band saw Blades.Wespa Spezial (Flexback)Standard grade carbón Steel with an addition o..
3/8" 4 Flute Single End  ( DWCF312) New
DWCF Serie4 Flute Single End High Speed Steel, Non Center Cutting..
KIT-PROGRAMMER-CURTIS, 1313 DEAL     The Curtis Model 1313 Handheld Programmer..
HSS REDUCED SHANK DRILLD/ARSD 5/8¨ HSS two tone ½¨ shank 118°Point  Flute length: 3¨ O.A.L: 6¨D..
External Thread Insert , Partial profile 60° (U Chip Breaker)..
6” Long Reach Digital Caliper Metric Item 60248Extra Long Reach3X LONGER REACHAccurately measure to ..
WAS2200-1940spherical meter 10" Outside Spring Caliper #NE60OC10PROCHECK..